Overview:  The legendary Continental Club opened its doors in 1955 and celebrates over 60 years as one the oldest continuously running clubs in all of Austin. It started out as a swanky supper club,  then became Austin's first burlesque club, and later became a working man’s blue-collar bar on South Congress that opened every morning at 7 am and eventually grew into one of the premier live music venues presenting bands like Stevie Ray Vaughan and Double Trouble, Paul Ray and the Cobras, Joe Ely, Bill Carter, and the Blame and many more onstage back in the late ’70s thru the early ’80s. It continued from ’83-’87 as a hotbed for new wave/punk and rock n roll with bands like Social Distortion, The Replacements, The True Believers, and many others performing. In 1987, the club was renovated and refurbished to make it as close to its original 1950s version as possible, including the restoration of the original murals that you see on the walls today. From ’87 to the present The Continental Club, now a historical landmark is the premier roots rock, traditional country and blues, rockabilly, and garage rock club in the country.

Approach:  The Continental Weekend is all about old Austin and the Texas legends that help make it one of the world's music capitals. Set July 2nd through the 3rd, The Continental Club welcomes Willie Nelson, George Strait, Stevie Ray Vaughan, and Waylon Jennings. It's a very intimate venue allowing everyone to see and hear clearly without the discomfort of a huge crowd. My goal is for Austin music lovers to appreciate the arts without all the extras. 
Hatch Show Prints were a huge inspiration for this brand. It was important to me to focus on the musicians and the simplicity of the weekend, instead of some big music festival hosting hundreds of thousands of people. 

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