Overview:  Founded by Seth and Chase Katz, North Street provides the only Indian food in the San Marcos area. They strive to deliver quality food, service, and inclusivity. Being a fusion of Indian and American, specifically southern, food, it was clear they needed to showcase the blend of the two cultures. 

Approach:  Starting with the logo, I chose to combine familiar imagery of both cultures and locations. The mermaid is an iconic symbol of San Marcos dating back to the 1950s. The pattern in the tale of the mermaid is an element found in traditional Indian henna. Taking these two things and combining them with vibrant colors, showcases the history and uniqueness of North Street.
S.W.O.T. Analysis 
Strengths: Only Indian restaurant in the area, authentic flavors, 25 beers on tap, and wine variety 
Weaknesses: Small kitchen, only meat is beef/chicken, no advertising, and not enough signage 
Opportunities: Kitchen expansion, liquor license, expansion of menu items, and more advertising
Threats: Other Indian restaurants coming to the area, cheaper food, more diversity, and bigger businesses

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